Juliet Bonnin - Stained Glass

I am based in Perth, Western Australia.

I have been making stained glass windows for family homes since 1993. The window or panel can be decorative or pictorial; it can be abstract or a scene. If renovating your federation style house, it can be made to fit in with any theme. You decide on an idea, and the drawings will be made for you to approve before any construction of the window begins. The choice of colour is endless. I use traditional lead and glass techniques which will last forever.

Stained glass is an art form that developed in Europe a thousand years ago. To many people, stained glass means churches, rose windows and saints wearing heavy red robes. It was not until recently, during the Victorian era, that stained glass was increasingly used as an integral part of the design of family residences. Decorated windows can let light in, keep weather out, block out a dull view and provide an interesting focal point. Bathrooms, hallways, doors and skylights can all be enhanced in this way. A stained glass window can be commissioned to fit a particular place or they can be made on a subframe so they can be taken away if the home owner moves. A glass panel can also be hung in front of, rather than fitted to, a window frame.

I can also do repairs / restorations.

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